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Oct 23 2012

Kickstarter Wildly Successful

by lex in News

The Kickstarter for The Time of Reflection finishes at over 1,000% funding, or over $5K for a five page short story!

Oct 20 2012

Box Brown – Stills from the Shoot

by lex in News

I’m included in a few of the photos from the set of the feature film Box Brown. (More photos here.)

Follow the film’s Facebook Page for updates.

Oct 17 2012

Episode 5 of NBC’s Revolution

by lex in News

That’s me, to the right of Kim Raver on Monday night’s episode of Revolution (NBC).

Oct 05 2012

Kickstarter Press Roundup

by lex in News

Fanboy Buzz Podcast Interview

Funding the Dream Podcast Interview

Stash My Comics Article

Techdirt Article

And Comic Bastards

Oct 03 2012

You Got Your Schwarzenegger is GO

by lex in News

My new minicomic “You Got Your Schwarzenegger in My President” is available starting today at Chapel Hill Comics!

More stores coming soon!