About Part Deux

Or “How You Might Know Lex Wilson / Alex Wilson / Alexander Wilson.”

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  • Revere High School in Richfield, OH
  • Ashland University in Ashland, OH
  • Lakewood, OH (or Bath, Cleveland, Peninsula, Akron)
  • Carrboro or Chapel Hill, NC


  • Clarion Writing Workshop 2006
  • Wiscon, Trinoc-Con, NASFIC Raleigh, Heroescon, Millenicon, Illogicon, or other SF or comics conventions, mostly in OH or NC
  • Speculations Rumor Mill
  • Codex Writers
  • Comics Experience Workshop
  • Writers of the Future 29 (2013)
  • Other Comics or Literature Fora & Various Tables of Contents


  • Deep Dish Theater in Chapel Hill
  • Common Ground Theater in Durham
  • 48 Hour Film Fests in Greensboro
  • Various indie film sets and screenings
  • Winter Wonderland (MACE), Boushey Way Stuntfight Intensive, and Virginia Beach Bash (SAFD) Stage Fight & Filmfight workshops
  • The sets of Iron Man 3, Revolution (NBC), Safe Haven, or True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (Discovery)


  • “Fly Casual” (as Alexander Wilson) humor column in The Collegian
  • Wooster Outdoor Center
  • Trenchless Technology/Benjamin Media
  • Group Work Camps (91-95) and New Wilmington Missionary Conference (NWMC 94 & 95, I think)
  • Various Book Discussion Groups, Gaming Meetups, and Religious and/or Progressive What-Have-Yous
  • mTBI.