The Whores in Trinidad Need Witnessing To

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The Image Comics trade paperback anthology Outlaw Territory 2 includes “The Whores in Trinidad Need Witnessing To,” Lex Wilson’s story with Rick Lacy, illustrator of the very fun Oni Press book Labor Days and character designer for the animated series The Venture Brothers. Lettered by Thomas Mauer.

Find it at your local shop via Indie Bound (or have your Local Comic Shop order it for you; find your nearest LCS). Or also has books, sometimes.

We share a table of contents with some amazing talent, including Len Wein, Jeff Lemire, Sean Phillips, Francesco Francavilla, Sean Chen, Greg Pak, Kathryn and Stuart Immonen, Robert Kirkman, and more. Editor Michael Woods has more details, along with preview art from the other stories at his blog.

Contains violence and drug use.