Book Launch in March!

Lex Wilson writes comics and fiction  in Carrboro, NC

and is currently reconfiguring his site ahead of a book launch.

In the meantime…

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Alex was a staff writer on the video game Life is Strange: Before the Storm from Deck Nine/Square Enix, available now on Steam, Playstation, and XBox.

His comic with Silvio dB “The Time of Reflection” won the Eagle Award in 2012.

His science fiction story “Vestigial Girl” was a Writers of the Future winner in 2013.

His work has appeared in Asimov’s, Analog, The Rambler, LCRW, Weird Tales, The Florida Review, Futurismic, Outlaw Territory II (Image Comics), ChiZine, Shimmer, Outre, Pif, and DragonLocus has called him a “promising new writer,” and Publishers Weekly also has had nice things to say.

Bibliography and other individual pages/projects will return with site redo (~March 2018). Thanks for your patience.

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